Wednesday, December 21, 2011

It's the holiday season.

I am a little behind schedule on this one but it is still of great value. The holiday season is rife with opportunities for crime. Shopping leaves us open to thefts, robbery, and car thefts. Huge parking lots full of cars. Long walks back to the car after dark. Cars filled with packages. all temptation for the criminal mind. Be sure to lock your vehicle, know where you parked, and do not leave any packages visible in the car. It is best to lock them in the trunk and then move the car as if you are leaving rather than walking back to the store.
During this season many of us will be traveling and visiting, leaving our homes unoccupied. Be sure to make the home looked lived in. Use the same basic home security techniques recommended in the previous post.
When visiting, do not leave valuables in plain view in the car even if only for a little while. enterprising thieves walk or drive through neighborhoods looking for gifts and other valuables in your car and will break in and take them while you are busy enjoying your visit. Be safe, be aware, and have a great holiday.