Friday, August 19, 2011

Computer Related Robberies

Have you ever advertised something for sale on-line. Web sites like Craig's List and Ebay handle the lions share of sales of used items that used to only bee seen in newspapers. Recently in Philadelphia two separate people advertised expensive watches. The ads were answered by males who set up meetings on streets in the city. Both advertisers were robbed. See the story: The moral of the story is to be careful when selling to strangers. Get as much identifying information as possible before meeting. Meet in a public place. Be alert to your surroundings. STAY SAFE!
Frank Plunkett



Blogger Eileen P said...

I use Craigslist a lot for both buying and selling. I am extremely careful, never give my email out nor my phone number or location. I also stay local in Novato. Whenever I sell something and I don't know the buyer, I ask one of the men in the park to be with me and meet the buyer in our Clubhouse Parking Lot. Twice I sold to people it turned out had relatives here in the park. So, yes, it is imperative to be very, very careful when selling or buying face to face. I also bought my iPad by putting an ad in CL and when I received a response I talked with the guy first, his price was only $50 over the selling price and he asked me to meet his girlfriend in Barnes and Noble in SF, a very large store with many customers. I took a friend with me and two women approached us at the designated area and all went perfectly. But I am still very careful about CL.

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